Dress Therapy Association


Dress Therapy for Good Luck  ドレスセラピスト協会新ロゴ英文

I have designed many clothes as a fashion designer.
The thought occurred to me as I began to enjoy a certain measure of
success that I had made clothes that brought good fortune.

It was not just that I looked better in those clothes –
I noticed they had an deeper effect based on how they were worn and
how the elements were fused by fashion and harmony with
the elements.

The end result of the thoughts I had that day was the creation of
“dress therapy” in order to show others how to attract this
kind of energy.

Dress therapy is a way of using fashion to raise
one’s Fortune Energy withwhat we wear.
And Dress therapy is a fashion style of the next

generation.Dress therapy can link inside the person and the
one’s superficies.

It is a method by which one can establish a sense of self through
knowing what elements of fashion do what.

What colors and forms will bring out your particular charm?
What number of elements work? How do these elements work

Most people will hesitate in these matters because
there are so many styles that a person can look good in.
How can we choose our look for this day or that?
For this party, for that get together? In rain, in shine,
among the leaves of fall or the winter winds?

Please choose the clothes in such a case in reference to a
lucky color and fashion 12 star of the dress therapy.






Dress Therapist and Fashion Designer, Yukari Ikemoto
Beland Representative Co., Ltd.
Director of The Association of Dress Therapists
The founder of dress therapy.
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Began work as an industrial designer before
moving on to fashion.
Graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology
in New York State.
After returning to Japan, contributed styles and pieces to
both the Tokyo Collection and the Osaka Collection
fashion shows.
After holding various display sales in department stores
and specialty shops, opened her own salon in Naka Meguro.
Extensive experience with the dress designs of
actresses participating in formal fashion awards ceremonies.

My mission: I convey an impression through a fashion all over the world,
and share joy and the rich life. 


★ Fashion 12 star

On the day a person is born, the natural energies that flow most
strongly through one’s life are determined.

The Fashion 12 Star draws these associations from the
Gogyo (Five Element) calendar 
and its Japanese interpretation,
known as the Four Pillars of Destiny.

There is a flow in progress that we call the four seasons.
What kind of natural energy went forth on the day you were born
has a great influence on you and is connected to
your temperament and talents.

A thing touching the skin directly, the things you wear,
they all influence the heart and the body.
When you change what you wear, the effect can be
as a flower blooming: one’s talents and charms take on the
seductive, influential, and fortunate character of
natural phenomena.

The Fashion 12 Star is a method that was born and carries
fashion advice in consideration of the talents and
charms you naturally possess.

The 12 types of fashion categorized on the basis of ones’ energy
connected to the natural world is the Fashion 12 Stars.

Check your fortune with the following three modes of stars
that everyone possesses.

1. OFF
2. ON

★ OFF mode star
The OFF mode star represents who you are.
It is the foundation of your personality and the most significant star
of the three.

Wear the fashion of your OFF mode star in your private life.

★ON mode star
The ON mode star represents your work and social life.
Wearing the fashion of your ON mode star at work or on
social occasions will help you use your talent to best effect.
You will also be able to find the most appropriate career for you.

★REFRESHMENT mode star
Wearing the fashion of your REFRESHMENT mode star on a trip or
on a special occasion helps you to refresh yourself.

★Lucky color
A lucky color is necessary for balance.
For example, artistic people tend to devote themselves to creating
something and become lazy about meeting people or going outside.
Their lucky color is the color of the sun, which stimulates them
into action.
You can find your lucky color using your birth date.


12星* You can find the fashions of your ON, OFF, and REFRESHMENT mode stars on the Beland website. (Japanese)



Fashion 12 star 
Baby star 1あかちゃん

Simply accept encouragement from others so the path will open up for you.
Lovely, cute, colorful, coquettish, and fancy are the keywords.

Variety star

Use your network, so the path will open up for you. Enjoying a wide variety of clothes will give you energy. Don't stick to just one style of fashion.

Artist star

The latest fashion backs up your talent.
Since it matches well from the bright color which clarified to a Dark color, it can be stylishly dressed also in the coordination of a complementary color.

Antique star

The person of this star has the power of reviving an old thing with new feeling.
The medieval princess fashion of a delicate and delicate design like a race or a frill is a recommendation.

Spiritual star

Fate opens by being clothed in a solemn and solemn atmosphere like a cleric.
A decorative element is excluded and the charm of an inside emerges by being clothed in the simple and sharp dress out of which a bodily line comes clearly.

Therapist star

The person of this star has the power of curing people, in a gentle atmosphere.
The clothes of a material which is light and shakes match well.

Sage star

The person of this star is supported from the older person.
And arrangement creation of data, etc. are their favorite.
A chic elegant fashion which a lady wears matches well.

Queen star

If gorgeous dress is worn, fortune will go up the person of this star.
What has good elegance, a high-class thing, and a thing with gold or a feeling of gloss are recommendations.

Madam star

The type which combines prudence and the drive.
It is carefully treated from the surroundings by wearing a decent and feminine fashion.

Princess star

Those who get interested in a new thing and have the courage which ventures.
Dress with a refined fresh feeling is a recommendation.

Fashionable star

Fortune goes up the person of this star by making it always youthful.
Charm looks nice by taking in a sexy element.

Leader star

The person of this star is helpful and is made into many people at reliance.
It becomes easy to express oneself by wearing the neat dress.